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    Karine et Stéphane Gohé

    Gründer von Mon-Cintre.com

    Karine and Stéphane GOHÉ are the creators of Mon-cintre.com, their story is a family adventure that began a few years after their meeting.

    “We are husband and wife at home and professionals of fashion hangers for over 20 years in the office.”

    Before offering hangers for home with Mon-cintre.com, they worked hand-in-hand with the leading high range and luxury ready-to-wear brands by equipping thousands of boutiques around the world from the 90s, with ever more beautiful and original hangers.

    Today they want to share their know-how for the layout of the house, especially the dressing rooms.

    A dream that has matured in their mind for several years with the desire to offer all, hangers and accessories with professional quality, perfect aesthetics and specially designed for the care of clothing.

    The shop starts with a selection of models carefully studied to combine quality and aesthetics.

    The aluminum collection will delight fashion and younger, with its colors and modernity, and will also suit small spaces.
    The wooden collections with their hanger shapes adapted to each cloth of your wardrobe, will seduce purists, dandies and lovers of fashion in general.

    In the near future, the store will offer new collections for the storage of your clothes but also your shoes and small accessories that you store in your wardrobes and closets.

    Do not hesitate to send us your comments and suggestions to info@mon-cintre.com so that we can best meet your expectations.

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