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    Karine et Stéphane Gohé

    Founders of Mon Cintre

    Karine and Stéphane GOHÉ are the creators of the registered trademark Mon cintre, a family adventure that began a few years after they met.

    “We are husband and wife at home and professionals  of fashion boutique hanger for 25 years in the office.”

    Before offering hangers for the home with their new Mon Cintre brand, they worked, and still work, hand in hand with the major high-end and luxury ready-to-wear brands and luxury hotels, equipping thousands of boutiques and prestigious palaces around the world since the 90s, with ever more beautiful, innovative and original hangers.

    Today they want to share their know-how for the layout of the house, and in particular dressing rooms.

    A dream that has matured in their minds for several years with the desire to offer everyone professional quality hangers and accessories, with perfect aesthetics and specially designed for the care of clothes.

    The shop offers a selection of models carefully studied to combine quality and aesthetics.

    The aluminum collection will delight fashionistas and the youngest, with its colors and modernity, and will also be suitable for small spaces.

    The collections of wooden hangers with shapes adapted to each element of the wardrobe, will appeal to purists, dandies and fashion lovers.

    Mon Cintre also now offers a brand new exclusive collection of high-end items for travel and shoes.

    Mon Cintre also works today with many interior designers for bespoke dressing room equipment projects with exceptional personalized hangers in wood or covered in leather or fabric.

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