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  • Handmade

    The making of all our wooden hangers goes through several steps done by hand as a cabinetmaker would work a valuable piece of furniture.
    After receiving the European ash wood logs, the long work of shaping the hanger begins …

    Step 1
    Cutting the logs into squares to the desired dimensions.

    Step 2
    Trimming the arms of each hanger by woodturning for models in the Dandy collection to prepare the neck, or with cutting templates for other models of hanger.

    Step 3
    Using a small sander with coarse grain, we work the shape of the hanger carefully to gradually reach its final shape.

    The range of Dandy hangers, with their curved collar, requires an extra step. To dig the col colonel so particular of this hanger, whose step 2 of the turn began well the shape, it is necessary to perfect it by carving a little wood and then with a sanding work important to finish digging it.

    Step 4
    Second sanding step with a fine grain paper and very fine to remove any roughness, and if necessary, perfect the shape of the hanger.

    For the Intense black brushed wood collection, after the shaping of the hanger is finished, the wood is hand brushed with metal claws to accentuate the furrows of the wood.

    Step 5
    Application of a fondur to block the pores of the wood before applying its finish.

    Step 6
    Ginning for once again remove any roughness before applying the layers of varnish.

    Step 7
    Application of the appropriate shade varnish in a dust-free cabinet to prevent dust deposits.

    Step 8

    Step 9
    Stamping of a discreet logo MonCintre, under the hanger.

    Step 10
    Mounting hooks, bars or clamps.

    Step 11
    Final quality control, other controls are carried out throughout the manufacturing process.

    Step 12
    Pack each hanger individually in doufline covers and then, by 6, 10 or 15, in a white box marked with the logo Mon cintre. This box is finally packed in a transport carton for perfect protection.

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