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  • Mon Cintre offers you to personalize its wooden hangers with your logo or your initials.
    From 3,90€ per hanger and for a minimum of 10 hangers of the same shape, a few days will suffice to make your dressing room unique or to perfect the decoration of your shop.

    Choose between laser marking or printed marking in 1 or more colors.

    The laser marking, precise and elegant, will reveal the natural color of the ash. Indeed, the laser marking technique consists of engraving the wood by burning it on the surface using a very precise laser which makes it possible to mark even complex logos. Thus, by digging into the wood of the hanger, the true color of the wood is revealed under the tinted varnish and gives this result much appreciated by our customers.

    Printed marking, known as pad printing, is a technique that consists of transferring color using a pad covered in ink to transfer it to the hanger. Pad printing has the advantage of allowing the addition of a logo in 1 or more colors and even gold or silver. Note that this technique will not suit all our hangers. Indeed on the black brushed wooden hangers, the ink will not be able to deposit everywhere because the surface is not smooth as for our other colors.

    Do you love personalization? Choose your hangers and your favorite technique then write to us for a personalized quote: info@mon-cintre.com

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